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mBlogger Documentation - How to Configure mBlogger

mBlogger uses a file-based configuration system to set basic options such as site path, title of blog, the header that resides underneath the blog title, database information, and so on. After installation, this file should always be updated in its entirety to help ensure mBlogger works properly on your system. This part of the mBlogger documentation will explain each part of the configuration file.

Database Configuration

Sample Database Configuration:

//Database Settings
//Change 'localhost' to the real location of your MySQL database, e.g. mysql.mywebsite.com
$mysql_address = 'localhost';
//Change 'root' to the real username you use to login to MySQL with. This user must have CREATE, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE privilges.
$mysql_user = 'root';
//Change 'password' to the real password you use to login to MySQL with.
$mysql_password = 'password';
//Change 'mBlogger' to the real name of your database where mBlogger will install itself and use itself from.
$mysql_database = 'mBlogger';

Database Settings:

$mysql_address: The location of your MySQL server, in either an IP address form or URL form. Examples:, mysql.mywebsite.com

$mysql_user: The username to login to the MySQL server. It should be a user with the following privileges:

$mysql_password: The password used to login to the MySQL database with the specified username.

$mysql_database: The database which will be used by mBlogger to install and store all of its data.

Basic mBlogger Configuration

Sample mBlogger Configuration:

//Blog Settings
//Change this setting to reflect the URL of your blog. Default: http://localhost/
//Example: If your blog was at http://www.myblog.com/blog, change this setting to "http://www.myblog.com/blog"
$mblogger_path = 'http://localhost/mBlogger';
//Change these settings to affect the titles of your blog and other various settings.
$mblogger_title = 'mBlogger Engine';
$mblogger_heading = 'A free, open source blog engine.';
//Change this value to change how many posts are displayed on the blog before going onto the next page. Default: 5
$mblogger_numdisplay = 5;
//Change this value to change the background color of mBlogger. Hex colors are also acceptable. Default: white
$mblogger_bgcolor = 'white';

mBlogger Settings:

$mblogger_path: The path to "index.php" on the server. For example, if you installed mBlogger on your website as http://www.mywebsite.com/blog, you would set this setting to http://www.mywebsite.com/blog. This setting is important, if the value is incorrect mBlogger will function improperly.

$mblogger_title: The name of your blog. It will appear in the title of each blog page and as the header on each blog page.

$mblogger_heading: A heading or quote that will appear under the blog name on each of the pages. Can be left blank.

$mblogger_numdisplay: The cutoff for how many blog posts will be displayed per page. If you have long blog posts, set this number lower. If the blog posts are short, set this number higher. This helps reduce bandwidth usage on the MySQL server and decreases load times for users who have slow internet connections.

$mblogger_bgcolor: The color of the background. Supports both word colors (white) and HTML hex colors.

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