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mBlogger Documentation - How to Change the Administrator Password

The ability to change the administrator password is in the administration panel. You may access this panel by scrolling to the bottom of any mBlogger page and click "Administrative Options". You will login using an active administrator login and password. When you have logged in you will be presented with the administration panel screen. To change your password, click "Change Administrator Password".

In the first field, labelled "Current Password", type the current password that you use to login to the administration panel currently. In the second field, lablled "New Password", type the new password you wish to use. In the last field, labelled "Verify New Password", type the new password again. This will prevent mistakes and, in result, a lost administrator account. Click on the button labelled "Change Password".

You will be provided a message stating one of four outcomes:

When you receive "Password changed successfully", your new password will immediately take effect the next time you login.

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