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mBlogger Documentation - How to Add new Posts

The ability to add posts is in the administration panel. You may access this panel by scrolling to the bottom of any mBlogger page and click "Administrative Options". You will login using an active administrator login and password. When you have logged in you will be presented with the administration panel screen. To add new posts, click "Create a New Post".

To create a new post, click on "Create a New Post". You will be taken to a new page with fields that you will use to create a new post. The first field is "Your Name" - this will be populated with the administrator login name you are using. You can choose to either keep this name, or you may edit the field and change it to whatever you please. The second field is "Subject" - this will be the name that appears in a larger font above the blog post, acting as the post's title. Generally post subjects should be concise and to the point; they should not be long. The third field is "Message" - this will be the "body" of the post. You are free to type whatever you wish in this field - there are no restrictions on the number of words; etc. mBlogger also supports the use of HTML and JavaScript in this field - which means you can easily add links to post and even embed videos from YouTube or another video site. Simply copy and paste the embed link that the video service provides and mBlogger does the rest. When your post is complete, click on "Submit!". Your post will automatically be added to the database and will be instantly viewable.

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