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Welcome to the home of mBlogger, a highly customizable, free, open-source blog framework. The concept behind mBlogger is that you are free to design your own blog the way you want it. mBlogger's main purpose is to be a functional blog containing simple, easy to use controls. mBlogger supports full usage of commenting, allowing unregistered users to comment on blog posts. It features an easy-to-use administration system allowing administrators full control over blog posts and other users. mBlogger comes with a handy installation utility which will create the necessary tables for usage and install sample data to help you get started with your blog.

System Requirements

The system requirements for mBlogger are as follows:

Recent News

July 27th, 2008 - At last, a beta release of mBlogger has just gone live to the SourceForge.net file release system, and is now available for download. So far it appears to be very stable. Any bugs that may be encountered can be submitted to our Bug Tracking System and I will do my best to remove it for the next release. Happy downloading!

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